Contact Info-Rentals- Questions

Contact Info-Rentals- Questions

Who do I contact to rent the barn at ACWCL?

ED    @ 419 368 3001  Be sure to leave a message if he is out mowing.

To check for available dates go to our calendar    ACWCL Calendar

How do I join ACWCL

Stop down and see what the ACWCL has to offer. Bob and Linda can sign you up on the spot.

or call

Bob and Linda Dickerson   419 368 3001  Be sure to leave a message if they are out mowing.

If you want to join the Ashland Bowman or the New Frontiersman Muzzleloading Club you can join at any of their events .   Look for Ashland Bowmen or New Frontiersman Muzzloading Club Events at ACWCL Calendar

ACWCL Officers and Board Of Directors

President Ed Britton
Vice President Dave Moore
Treasurer LeAnne Kiko
Secretary Mike Crain,

Board members Term Expiring  1/2021

Rachel Britton, Dick Ward, Scarlett Raines

Board members Term Expiring  1/2020

Michael Moore, Dean Horst, David McClure

Board members Term Expiring  1/2022

New Frontiersman Muzzleloader Club President Roy Howman
Ashland Bowman President Ed Britton